Back to Reality

It has been more than one week since Food Bloggers Connect '09, the first official conference of food bloggers held in Europe. What a wonderful weekend it was! Ah, I still can not get myself over it somehow. That one single weekend changed my life. It brought me new friends. It gave me the feeling that I am no longer alone in a blogger world. And it still keeps me thinking about and recalling all joyful moments from those two days. I still did not managed to re-establish my daily routine. And I know, I have not posted in a while. So what was I up to over the past week?

At first. Our broadband at home. Actually, to be clear, no broadband at home! It is another issue actually, which totally changed my daily routine for the whole week. Can you imagine it? No internet connection for a week?! I tried to live without it. However to be honest, it just did not work! Am I an Internet addict? Maybe... Yeah, apparently I am! :) But try it yourself just for two or three days, and you will see...

This situation called for an instant solution. What everyone likes? And what does every food blogger do best? Yes, the correct answer is - FOOD! And if it is sweet food, you have a 99% chance of success. I made chocolate muffins as a bribe. And I bribed P's colleagues to let me occupy their office with a super fast internet connection.Problem solved! :)

I was going to the office after one year working from home! Phew, I felt really tired! :) I did not cook much. Though a quick mushroom soup for dinner was enough.

And, of course, we all know that Christmas time is here again. I am christmas lights nut and I just can not imagine Christmas without them. I was excited like a small kid when I have finally installed my lovely christmas lighst to our all year IKEA dried plant decoration. Beautiful. That made my made.

One more pic of my leftovers for lunch, before I go to bed. Yes, it is time for bed. I can not believe it. Is it 3am again? Is anyone stealing time?!

Good night then. I come back with a yummy recipe soon, I promise!