I was there! Meet my new friends. Food Bloggers Connect 09

I do not know where to start. My head is spinning. So much was going on last weekend, so many wonderful and fabulous people I met, and so much I have learnt! It was the Food Bloggers Connect weekend! Yeah. I feel so happy.

I think I can not describe all my feelings and amazing moments, I had, with words. Hence I will show you pictures. That is one thing I have learnt over the weekend actually. I found my voice. I found myself. And I found the voice of this blog. I love photography, especially food photography and my photos will speak instead of me. This time though, I will not show you many food photos. So take a seat and relax with me, while watching some of the wonderful moments I had over the past weekend.

Food Bloggers Connect weekend begins...


It all became reality thanks to wonderful Bethany from Dirty Kitchen Secrets.

The first food bloggers conference in Europe took place at Levant - lebanese restaurant in London. I can only recommend it, food was extraordinary there.

Now let me introduce all brilliant speakers. First, Meeta from What's For Lunch Honey revealed her secret to style and photograph beautiful food photos.

Kang - London Eater spoke about shooting in dark and social media. He is a natural speaker. I enjoyed his talk very much! Here is Kang talking about aperture.

Jeanne from Cook Sister!

And Jamie from Life's A Feast.

Both Jeanne and Jamie are excellent writers and they shared their secret to help us find our voice and make your blog successful.

Everybody were lively chatting. We had so much fun!

From left to right: Nora, Christina and Nicola.

And of course, everything had to be well documented! As I sad at the beginning, it was a beautiful day with wonderful people and yummy food!

Wait wait, this is not the end... let me go on...

Here comes Sunday and a "Foodlovers Marylebone Village Walk". We went to Marylebone Farmers' Market.

Top left: Allesio a Beth (after having her oysters for breakfast!)

Then we had lunch at The Natural Kitchen.

Top left (from left to right): Deeba from Passionate about Baking, Pam from The Cooking Ninja and Jamie. Bottom right: Allesio from Recipe Taster and Sunita from Sunita's world.

Clockwise from top left: sweet Mowie from Mowielicious, wonderful Oz from Kitchen Butterfly, Beth and Meeta.

And believe it or not, the whole weekend was finished with a take-away pizza! Can you imagine it? A bunch of food bloggers stuffing themselves with pizza? Oh yes, we enjoyed it so much! :)

I had the most wonderful, joyful, lovely and funny weekend. And the most importantly, I met many gorgeous people who became my friends!

Now you see what you missed if you were not there with us. But do not worry! Food Bloggers Connect 2010 is coming. So get ready and check Food Bloggers Connect official website.


  1. This is a lovely round up of pictures, I wish I could do the little montages on my blog but I haven't fathomed it out yet. I checked out some of your other posts on here the other day, I am very impressed with and envious of your photos.

    It was great to meet you and we both live in London I am sure we won't have to wait until FBC10 before our paths cross again.

    Love the pizza boxes at the end! Classic!
    Sarah xx

  2. Nice pictures Sarka and such a lovely round-up! What a pleasure it was to meet you and so pleased you could come back with us to Mowie's on Sunday night. I hope we'll see each other again soon since you live in London, definitely before June. =)

  3. Sarka, wonderful pictures especially of that pizza party at Mowie's hahaha! YOu are gorgeous and I am more the richer to have met you!

  4. Beautiful, Sarka! Your pictures speak a thousand words and you have taken some of the best. I can't wait to watch the evolution of your wonderful blog and your amazing photography. Fabulous, incredible weekend and we are all so glad you hung out with us Sunday night so we could get to know you so well! Wonderful write up!

  5. Hi Sarka - what a lovely, warm write-up and gorgeous photos - you even managed to make me look OK - truly a talent ;-). I think "joyful" is one of the best descriptions of FBC09 that I have read. Hope that we get a chance to chat more next time, and in the meantime I'm thrilled to have discovered your blog and beautiful photographs :)

  6. Beautiful photos and lovely write-up! I am so happy I met you and that you did not miss it and did get in contact with us! One must always ask otherwise who knows waht the answer could've been! I hope we can have a meetup real soon. You are such a lovely person! xx

  7. Sorry I didn't get to meet you on Saturday and really sorry I couldn't hang around for more of the weekend - though I've seen so many lovely photos of what happened on Saturday evening and Sunday, I feel like I was there. Perhaps we'll get to meet at FBC10 :)

  8. Sarka - such a lovely post and gorgeous pictures! I'm so glad that I met you and so glad you finally came to the event - I can't even imagine if you didn't contact me to put you on the list - we wouldn't have met! =) Your photography and food styling is just gorgeous, so beautiful and I'm a huge fan as you know. I'm so glad that you live so close... we need to meet up soon! x

  9. Sorry, that's meant to say Mowie from Mowielicious, I don't know why it doesn't work properly!

  10. What a great week-end you had. Maybe someday I'll fly to London and meet all of you.

  11. Wowwww, Wowwww,Wowwww. Lovely, super lovely photos. It was lovely to sit next you on Sunday.....and take photos of your risotto. Really lovely to meet you and looking forward to 5th and 6th of June '10. Lots of Love. Oz of Kitchen Butterfly

  12. Sarah - thank you! You don't need to be envious, your photos are very nice! Lovely to meet. Hope to see you soon! :)

    Hilda - it was great to meet you and Papoose! Definitely see you before June 2010! :)

    Meeta - I'm so happy I met you. You are such a sweet a joyful person!

    Jamie - Thank you for helping me to find my voice! :)

    Jeanne - thank you. I'm pleased you liked a pic of you! ;) Look forward to seeing you soon, so I we can chat more.

    Bethany - thank you for giving me a chance to meet you and Chris and all my new foodie friends! I don't feel alone in this blogosphere anymore! :D

    Daily Spud - look forward to meeting you at FBC '10!!

    Mowie - I'm so happy I made it to FBC '09 and that I met you!!! I'm your big fan! Look forward to next meetup :) I still don't know why your comments don't work properly :( Any tip????

    Helene - I wish you could make to the next FBC. I'd love to meet you!

    Oz - you are such a sweet person, so glad I met you and sat next to you! Hope to see you in June '10! :)

  13. Sorry I'm so late to comment, but wanted to say that I enjoyed meeting you, albeit so briefly and love your write-up and photos of the day. Hope we can talk for longer at the next FBC!

  14. You got the best pictures...and I'm reliving the memories all over again! BIG HUGS!!