Healthy Dried Fruit and Seeds Snack

Spoons Seeds and Fruit

I've recently discovered a perfect healthy snack. A simple mixture of dried fruit and seeds quickly became such a hit in our house.
There are days when I have a strong desire to nibble on something here and there. It helps to have a healthy snack on hand to help reduce craving for naughty food. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure. I must admit I love to enjoy a piece or two of a good quality dark chocolate. Having this delicious seeds and fruit mixture ready to nibble on makes me feel less guilty when I want to satisfy my sugar cravings.

This snack is so simple to make that you actually don't need a recipe. You can easily create your own mixture using any of your favourite nuts, seeds or dried fruit. Here is my favourite combo. Enjoy!

Dried Fruit and Seeds
Spoons and Seeds

Dried fruit and seeds snack

150g pumpkin seeds
100g sunflower seeds
100g golden raisins
50g cranberries

Mix seeds and dried fruit together in a bowl. Store in airtight container.


  1. Delicious and so healthy! I love that kind of snack.



  2. Reading through "You are what you eat" and she talks so much about the benefits of seeds...pumpkin and sunflower in particular. Funny...I just filled a huge bag with both yesterday to have on hand for snacks. Except...I was trying to figure out if putting dark chocolate chips mixed in them would 'get out of hand'!! Doesn't that sound so good?

  3. Yes, that seed snack is a winner, and has been around in my family for so many years. I remember grandmother would pack us a small containers with such snacks: with dried apricots for me, and with raisins for my brother. We still eat about 30 kg of seeds per year: old habits die hard! :)

  4. I have a jar of Dried Fruit, Seeds and Nuts at work.
    Love nibbling :) It's also good for you cos when you're being creative you need fuel!
    Enjoy your holiday!

  5. I love nibbling too! My favorite snack is roasted almond. I can't eat enough! If I don't want to turn on the gas, your snack is a nice and colourful alternative instead of almond.

  6. Lovely and healthy. My problem with that would be self control :-)
    Stunning photos as always!

  7. I have to admit that I'm pretty bad at eating chocolate from the vending machine but you do get a real healthy feeling when you have nuts and seeds!

  8. Great idea! I love to have nuts on hand!

  9. you have a beautiful blog! now following you! a kiss :)

  10. yummy, so simple yet so effective

  11. I made this after looking for healthy snack ideas that I could eat while I study. It's a delicious mix!