Weekend in The West Country

Lynton Lynmouth

A weekend spent with friends, breathing fresh air and enjoying the beauty of The West Country was all I needed to recharge my inner batteries. It was my first time visiting this part of the UK and I fell in love instantly. Located between the Bristol Channel and English Channel, you don't have to travel more than half an hour to reach one of the coasts. Sounds like a perfect place to me.

On the way to the West Country
Highway to the West Country
West Country Bedroom
West Country Room

Saturday morning couldn't be better. I woke up in a beautiful sunlit room.  The gorgeous sunlight made me feel very happy and reminded me how much I need sunshine in my life. I hadn't felt so inspired since last summer. London winter is too long!

Local baked eggs for breakfast made the morning even better and supplied us with enough energy for most of the day.

Breakfast Baked Eggs
Exmoore Pony
Exmoore National Park
Exmoore National Park

We had shortly stopped for a few shots in Exmoor National Park before heading to the coast. Exmoor Ponies are probably the cutest horses I've ever seen. They looked so beautiful and elegant in the afternoon light.

When we finally arrived to Lynmouth, I was in awe. This small coastal village won my heart immediately. I would love to spend at least a week here.

Lynton town centre
Lynton town centre
Lynmouth boat
Warrior boat
Lynmouth red boat
Lynton Harbour
Lynmouth coast

We stopped in Glastonbury on the way home to see ruins of Glastonbury Abbey and the burial place of King Arthur.

Glastonbury Cathedral

What a weekend! I can't wait to get back and explore some more of this charming part of the UK.