A Late Summer Trip to Budapest

Budapest Castle

Back in October,  P. and I traveled to Budapest. I had heard so much about this city so I was very happy that we finally decided to make the trip. It was our only late summer holiday this year and we were so lucky that the weather cooperated. A sudden heat wave hit Europe during the first week of October, the week we were soaking up the beauty and indulging in culinary delicacies of Hungary's capital city.

I planned to post some photos from our trip and share foodie places with you, but the last two months went by so quickly I almost gave up any chance of writing this post. It took me two months, but I finally managed to edit and sort out hundreds of photos. I hope you are ready for a photo heavy post.

St. Istvan Basilica
St. Istvan Basilica Dome

We spent the first three days in a small hotel in the centre, ideally located for exploring the city. St. Stephen's Basilica was literally ten minutes walk away from our hotel. Standing under its magnificent dome decorated with mosaics I felt so small. Then we climbed up to a viewing platform above the cupola to admire the view of both sides of the river Danube -  hilly Buda and flat Pest.

Buda View
Pest View

Budapest is a city rich in historical sights, and it's even more charming at night when the entire city is beautifully lit.

Chain Bridge at night
Chain Bridge day and night
Parliament at night
Budapest Castle at night
Parlament at night
Parlament at night

The shoes on the bank of the Danube river are a sad memorial to Jews who were shot  into the river during World War II.

Shoes on the Danube Promenade
Shoes on the Danube Promenade
Underground Budapest

Food was obviously very important part of our trip and we were not disappointed. We had our first Hungarian meal at Pesti Disznó, choosing a traditional lecsó and chicken paprika. My mum used to make a czech version of lecsó when I was a kid, but I must say this was the best lecsó I've ever had.

There's probably no better place to sample on local delicacies than the Central Market Hall. This gorgeous three-storey building is packed with stalls selling local produce and the top floor offers hot food ready to devour. The presence of locals crowded around the stalls and eating food indicates this place is more than just a tourist attraction. We alway want to taste local food so we ordered stuffed paprika and spicy sausage served with white bread and mustard. 

Hungarian Food
Market Hall
Budapest Tram

Zizi was our lovely host for the rest of our trip. She took us to her favourite organic farmers market on Saturday morning. I finally understand why she wakes up early every Saturday to stock up on all the wonderful fruits and vegetables. I wish we had this market in London.

Potatoes and Dill
Organic Market

Recycle T-shirt

After the early morning start coffee was in order. Another Zizi's favourite place, Villa Bagatelle was luckily just a short walk from the market. A three-storey villa converted to a charming cafe with their own bakery and a small home decor shop looked like my dream house.

Villa Bagatelle

Sunday trip to Visegrad started with fresh hot langos. A deep fried flat bread served traditionally with garlic, grated cheese or sour cream brought back so many memories of my summer holidays spent at my aunt's summer house in the Slovak Republic.

Visegrád climbing up

Freshly made Kürtőskalács was the perfect touch to our trip. We have a similar pastry baked over an open fire in the Czech Republic, but the original Hungarian version is the best.

Baking kurtoskalacs
Making kurtoskalacs
Kurtoskalacs stall

We spent the last two days enjoying Budapest's numerous little cafes and wine bars. The beautiful sunny weather was perfect for sitting outside with a cup of coffee and homemade ginger lemonade from Sarki Fuszeres. This place is a very cute little cafe and deli with an outdoor seating area.

Sarki Fuszeres
Sarki Fuszeres
Bicycle light

Perfectly located in front of the St. Stephen's Basilica was our favourite gelato shop Gelarto Rosa selling their gelato formed into the shape of a rose. I went back for my pumpkin and pistachio rose more than once!

Rose Ice cream
DiVino wine bar
DiVino bar Budapest
DiVino Wine Board

This trip had everything we could have asked for - great food, friends and fun! I can't complain. My big thanks go to Zizi for being the best host, sharing her favourite places to eat and making our trip so pleasant and memorable.

I close this massive photo post with a self portrait picture taken at our favourite Divino wine bar.

DiVino self portrait


  1. Beeautiful clicks! What a wonderful place.



  2. breathtaking! even better of my memories!

  3. Wow lovely pics Sari...amazing!!!

  4. Lovely post, about our lovely and beautiful Budapest. :) Amazing pictures! WOW! :)

  5. OMG superdooper pictures absolutely stunning!! You nailed the moments, you made me homesick and you definetely tried out the best places I have to say! :) 1 more thing there are so many lovely farmers markets here in London too. I am sure there's one nearby in your area too, google it.

  6. Okay, this is absolutely the last time I ever read your blog before breakfast. That was pure torture.
    Also, I'm jealous. I realise I'm in Japan, so I have no right to be, but I am, a little bit. It looks gorgeous.

  7. really awesome! I like the look of those pastry things at the market.

  8. Sari!

    As Ivan said this morning after looking through your post: "Sometimes you need to see the city you're living in with the eyes of a visitor." - it is so true! Thank you for writing about Budapest and Hungary in such a nice way. Your photos are breathtaking, so-so beautiful and some of them are funny! ;)

    Ivan and I enjoyed being your host! Hope we'll have the opportunity to do it again!

  9. I love this post! Beautiful pictures, as always, Sari. Zita - you are quite the host! I can't wait to visit one day with you there!

  10. Thank you for your beautiful post. So lovely.

    Szonja Kitzinger, Head of PR (DiVino wine bar, Budapest)

  11. OMG your photos are stunning I feel like giving up.!

  12. http://www.facebook.com/sarkifuszeres

  13. Great post, now i feel like i need to go next year to Budapest. The another day i posted a few schnitzel recipes. it´s true that Schnitzel are very popular in Hungry like in Austria?
    I share my chicken oven Schnitzel photo: http://bit.ly/v2eOdD

  14. Beautiful post Sari! It brings memories back from my childhood hollidays to Hungary! I'm looking forward to visiting Budapest again!

  15. Wow, absolutely stunning pictures. Great. Even living in Budapest this gives me a completely different view of the city. Thanks

  16. Thank you everyone, your comments made me very happy! I'm glad you enjoyed this long photo post.

    Delish - Thank you! Means a lot to hear this from a Hungarian girl! I know there are farmers markets in London, but the ones I know are nothing compared to the one in Budapest. :)

    @Skye - Hehe, thank you! You definitely don't have to be jealous being in Japan right now! I should be jealous. ;)

    @chris - they look nice and taste even better! Sooooo yummy! :) They make both savoury and sweet versions.

    @Zizi - Thank you Zizi. I'm very happy you and Ivan liked the post. It means a lot coming from you as a someone who lives in Budapest. I hope to visit you again!

    @Emiko - Thank you Emiko! Zizi is indeed a great host!

    @Szonja- It's my pleasure. Your wine bar is amazing, I wish you had a branch in London. :) I loved your muscat wine!

    @X - thank you very much for sharing my post on your facebook page!

    @German - I think that schnitzel is very East European thing. We love it in the Czech Republic. I saw schnitzel on menus in Budapest restaurants, but I don't know if they are as popular as in Austria.

    @Regula - Did you used to go to Hungary on holidays? I used to spend almost every summer in the Slovak Republic just about 50km from Hungarian borders, but this was my first time actually visiting Hungary! :)

  17. What amazing photographs! The Lango bread looked really good...hungry for trying it out one day.

  18. Oh my gosh, when you go back to Budapest (which you surely will) can I hide out in your suitcase?! What an amazing trip. & where did you get your t-shirt?

  19. Stunning! What a beautiful and delicious looking adventure :)

  20. I could stare at these photos for hours--I love Budapest, I'm practically aching with nostalgia remembering my trips there. It's really hard to pick something out, but the chain bridge has to be one of my favorite landmarks there, especially so beautifully illuminated as you've captured.

  21. Aw such beautiful photos! :) I loved the mood and I wish I could see Budapest the same way! :)

  22. Very beautiful photos! I visited Budapest too a couple of years ago. It is such a beautiful city.

  23. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous city! I want to go there now. Especially to get that cute gelato :).

  24. Oh Sarka, your photos are beautiful! I have yet to visit Budapest, your photos have more than convinced me.

  25. I adore those picture, I've never been in Budapest and I've been missing something!

  26. I'm a food blogger from Hungary, and I'm following you for quite a long time now. It was a very nice surprise to see the name of our capital in your blog post title! :) Must say you captured the essence of the mood of the city, great job, well done, and I am happy you enjoyed your time here! :)