Pistachio Ice Cream and Photography Creativity

I made pistachio ice cream quite a while ago and waited too long to post the recipe. It has been in the freezer for a month or so and I wasn't able to take a decent photo to show you how delicious it is. I only have one photo. Yes, only ONE! I can't believe it myself. What is wrong with me? I have been lacking inspiration and creativity. I haven't made a nice photograph in a while. I can't! It's very frustrating! I love photography and I do love food photography. But I'm stuck, and it doesn't help to just hit the shutter button and wait for a miracle.

It takes a lot more to be a photographer and create beautiful photos.

"You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

I'm not a photographer, or at least I can't call myself a professional photographer. I'm just a passionate amateur. Taking photographs makes me happy and that's what is important. However, I have to take a break from food photography. I need to recharge my inner photography battery, and then I will come back and make beautiful photos again. Well, I hope I will.

So please bear with me. Today I won't share my favourite photos with you, I don't have any favourites except this one, my first macro photo. I like its colours.

At least I can share this yummy pistachio ice cream recipe. Pistachio has been my favourite ice cream flavour since I was a kid. There's one really good thing about ice cream, it makes me happy whenever I eat it! :)

Pistachio ice cream

250g pistachios
280g demerara sugar
1l milk
500g creme fraiche

1. Pour the milk into a saucepan and add the sugar. Bring to a boil over a medium heat. Remove from the heat and let cool completely.

2. Meanwhile, ground the pistachios in a food processor or blender. Whisk together the pistachios, creme fraiche and milk until well combined.

3. Freeze in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you don't have an ice cream maker follow these instructions. Pour your ice cream mixture into a freezer safe container and place it in the freezer. As the mixture starts to freeze around the edges, remove it from the freezer and stir well. Try to break up any frozen sections. Return to freezer. Repeat the process until the mixture is smooth and frozen. I often use a hand blender to break up all frozen crystals.


  1. I can understand what you're saying....but I think the picture is fabulous! Now, I am photographer, but I like great pictures! ;) I would eat this ice cream....if I wasn't so darn lactose intolerant. heeee.... Cheers!

  2. passionate amateur, sure, but that looks rather professional to me. i wouldn't underestimate your natural talent! i can't photograph ice cream for the life of me. this is gorgeous. and i agree... pistachio is the best flavor.



  3. Maybe the problem is that you make to much pressure on yourself about photography, maybe you need to relax and do it without thinking a lot, because, for me, you have a natural talent...
    And the macro photo, wow, it seems a paint!!!! It's the most beautiful picture I have ever seen...I can't explain how much I love it...Never thought about selling your pictures as posters or something like that?

  4. Don't worry... this photo is perfect!!!

  5. I love both photos, Sari.

    And you really made me think with that quote from Ansel Adams. Thank you.

  6. Oh I LOVE that ice cream photo! But I do know what you mean - sometimes you can click and click away but the inspiration is just not there. I'm sure your kojo is on its way back soon though - and in the meanwhile you have this glorious (and really easy!) ice cream to nibble on :)

  7. The photo is really lovely! I understand how you feel, though. I've been struggling with the same issue lately. I love taking photos of beautiful food, but recently, I've been so blocked creatively. Hopefully, this will pass soon for both of us! :)

  8. Oh, well, if it is your happyness recipe, you can submit it for my contest, why not?!
    As regard food photography, maybe it's just a moment due to the exciting new camera you have!!

  9. Love your post and photos. Will definitely try your recipe!

  10. This is a beautiful photo...I can understand that you don't wish to post photos that are not up to your standards but I'm sure your worst are much better than many others' (mine ;P) best.

  11. Just enjoy playing with your new camera/lens for a while and take the pressure off having to produce something immediately.

    The ice cream looks marvellous.

  12. You have talent! Your photos are so beautiful!

  13. Taking a break is good...and resting your eyes for a while helps you refocus and see things differently. I DO love that pistachio ice cream!

  14. Sari, (we need to talk about this in London 1 on 1) we need to take a break from a few things to find a focus. It happens to all of us even the so called professionals. I am sure you have heard of writers block, well there is one I call photographers block and suffer from it too. Take it easy enjoy the sun and relax. You'll see it will come back!

  15. Taking a break from things is always good! I know what you mean and it happens to all of us (as Meeta is already saying) Your icecream does look delicious, which reminds me I have to get that icecream machine up and running!

  16. I was craving pistachio ice-cream recently with the weather being quite hot here; love yours it is lovely and luscious I want some bad!

  17. Wow. You are not happy with this photo. I wish I could be half as good as you at food photography but I do hear what you are saying about being blocked. it happens when I am writing and a break usually helps

  18. Sari!
    Since I have started the photography school I love to take photos of the nature and take macro (close up) photos. I enjoy it so much, so I can understand you. Great recipe though! :)

  19. I've found that flipping through high quality food magazines (delicious. (UK), Donna Hay and Gourmet Traveller (Australia) do wonders for rekindling inspiration. Like Meeta said, this is normal and it will come back. It's just a sign that you've been working too hard!

    That said, for an 'uninspired' photograph, your title picture is amazing.

  20. I totally understand where you are coming from....breaks are good and essential for the soul. I love the sounds of that pistachio ice cream. Great macro shot.

  21. I'm not sure you've lost anything - the photo is gorgeous. And I can't wait to try the ice cream!

  22. Sari, it is well. Sometimes, we have to take a break to find ourselves again and reaffirm what it is we want. And do be hard on yourself, people are far more forgiving of us, than we are of ourselves. Do the best for yourself, when you can and stay passionate. Lots of love

  23. Your photo is awesome and this pistachio ice cream is mouthwatering!

  24. One picture from you speaks a 1000 words Sari. You are uber talented and the ice cream is gorgeous! Am already thinking of creme fraiche substitutes. Thanks for tempting moi! xoxo

  25. Your photos are always BEAUTIFUL and has a very peaceful calming effect. I read but do not comment here very often, but I had to say this.

    Love pistachio ice cream.

  26. Sometimes I feel the same way, just uninspired but then the one thing that motivates me is when I stop by your blog. Whatever you post (I can still remember clearly the first recipe I found on your blog - Lasagna!) - I just love, and am inspired.

  27. Adore your pictures, love your blog. Thanks for sharing recipes and inspiration :)

  28. your photos are amazing! I don't think I managed to speak to you this weekend at FBC but am looking through everyone's blogs now and really love your photographic style (haha as you can tell I'm one of the photography/food styling ones as opposed to writing or recipes). will definitely come round more often for inspiration!

  29. A fabulous ice cream! It looks so tempting. I love that flower picture...



  30. Hi Sarka! It was so nice to meet you last weekend, and get introduced to your beautiful blog! Your photos are truly something to aspire to, to keep revisiting your site for! I am an absolute addict of freshly made pistacchio ice cream, and was so sad that I can no longer make it because i don't have an ice cream maker here... but thanks for the tips! I will try it out soon and let you know how it turns out! XOXO

  31. @ Chris - Thank you for the compliment! My next ice cream will be diary free, just for you! :)

    @ squirrelbread - You are too kind, thank you so much!

    @ Mika - Thank you for your lovely comments, that means a lot to me! Actually I got an invitation from Getty Images last week, to licence a few of my photos! :)

    @Dominique - Thank you! :)

    @maninas - You are welcome! So glad you like the photos!

    @Jeanne - Thank you Jeanne, glad you like it. Ice cream is indeed a good help! ;)

    @Susan - It seams we all experience some kind of block once in a while. Your photos are gorgeous!

    @Juls - I guess my camera might be a part of the issue, but I love my new camera! :)

    @Rowaida - Thank you, hope you will like it, it's so easy and delicious!

    @sasasunakku - hehehe, you so funny! Your photos are lovely!

    @Sarah - Thank you Sarah, you are right, I have to just enjoy playing around with my camera.

    @Maria - Thank you Maria, you are very kind!

    @Peter - I have to learn to take a break and refocus, it definitely helps! So glad you like my ice cream! :)

    @Meeta - Thank you Meeta, it's good to know that this is quite common! I know now what to do when it comes next time! :)

    @Junglefrog - It really helps to know that you all experience this! Oh, you have an ice cream machine, lucky you! I should get one too! It makes the process much easier.

    @tasteofbeirut - I could eat this pistachio ice cream every day! So good! :)

    @WizzyTheStick - hehe, thank you, you are so kind! Your photos are great!

    @Zizi - I also started to take photos of other things than just food and I enjoy it as well.

    @Danielle - Thank you for the compliment! I love those magazines and they are definitely a wonderful source of inspiration, I just wish I had more space in our tiny apartment to keep more of them!

    @lisa - Thank you for your nice comment!

    @El - hehehe, you always know how to make me smile! Thank you El!

    @Kitchen Butterfly - Thank you Oz, I so much appreciate your lovely words!

    @Cherine - Thank you, so glad you like it!

    @Deeba - Oh my sweet Deeba, you are so kind! It's so great to know there are friends like you always ready to make me feel great when I need it!

    @Soma - Thank you Soma, that means a lot to me! Comments like yours give me a lot of motivation!

    @Trissa - Oh Trissa, your lovely comment just made my day! Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean the world to me!

    @duonosirzaidimu - thank you so much, I'm so glad you like my photos and my blog!

    @ heavenwildfleur - Thank you for the compliment! What a shame we didn't manage to have a chat at FBC, your blog is wonderful, I love your photos!

    @Rosa - Thank you Rosa!

    @Matina - Hi, so nice having to meet you at FBC! Thank you for your nice words! I'm really glad you like my blog! Can't wait to see how your ice cream turns out!

  32. what i want to know is how the judges scored the photos! this photo is so much better than mine! oh well.. your ice cream is the winner in my eyes :D

  33. @Cathy - Haha, you are too funny! Your macarons photo is gorgeous and it's definitely a well deserved winner! Thank you for stopping by here and leaving such a nice comment! I so much appreciate it!

  34. Congratulations Sari on your DMBLGIT! Very well done, it is a beautiful photo!

  35. I know how you feel - sometimes they're so easy and other times it's like pulling teeth (I'm on a several week run of the latter). As someone who has just struggled all day to photograph sorbet in record temperatures, I'm impressed by your perfect scoop!

  36. Know exactly what you mean with regards to photographic creativity. Sometimes feel like I'm just repeating previous shots (albeit with different food). Oh well, hopefully it's just a phase & I'm sure some inspiration will hit you soon. :-)

  37. I Love pistachio Ice cream!!!!!!!!! Loved your blog!