The Jewelled Kitchen Cookbook

It's me again. I can't believe I managed to write two blog posts in one week! There's a very good reason for it though. In my last post, I mentioned my friend Bethany's cookbook, which I photographed last year before Christmas and promised an update.  I'm thrilled and proud to announce that the book is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

It feels almost unreal that this time has finally arrived. I'm looking at the cover (which I also photographed) and thinking of this time last year when I moved in with Bethany to the West Country for a few months; helping her with recipe testing, cooking, baking, tasting and taking photos for my pitch all while dreaming of photographing this book. My dream came true and fast forward a few months, Bethany moved into my house to help during her book photo shoot.

Photo courtesy © Sukruti Staneley

Ten days of cooking, styling, shooting and eating leftovers passed very quickly and I can honestly say that I can't wait to hold the book in my hands. It was an amazing experience working on this book and bringing many months of Bethany's work to life with my photos. We had fun, we laughed but it was also hard work and we took it seriously. Needles to say, it was a team effort of talented folks which made the photo shoot such great experience. Big thanks to my two wonderful assistants Joslin and Sukruti without whom I couldn't do it!

From left: art director Gabriella Le Grazie, book author Bethany Kehdy, assistant food stylist Natalie Thomson, prop stylist Lucy Harvey, me, food stylist Emily Jonzen, photo by my amazing assistant Sukruti Staneley.

I leave you with a couple of photos from the book as a little teaser of what you can expect.

 Images by Sarka Babicka for The Jewelled Kitchen © Duncan Baird Publishers 2013. 

Trust me, I'm not biased, these recipes taste as fantastic as they look. ;) Hurry and pre-order now!

UK edition: The Jewelled Kitchen
US edition: Pomegranates & Pine Nuts