Instant Tuscany

Tuscany Wedding venue

A long weekend spent in Tuscany was like balsam for my soul. Although it was a working weekend, I truly enjoyed every single minute. Great Italian food, Tuscan sunshine and amazing location made my job a real pleasure. I was collaborating with my dear friend Giulia on a beautiful picnic inspired wedding dinner. I will share some photos once they are edited.

In the meantime, I show you some of my iPhone snap shots. I must admit that my Instagram addiction has reached a high level. Although P. disagree, I think Instagram is a fantastic app which brings together so much talent and inspiration.
If you want to follow my instant food and travel daily snap shots, search for cookyourdream username on Instagram.

Pasta for lunch
Tuscany light
Tuscany light and shadows
Green Tuscany
Young Pecorino cheese
Tuscany church
Tuscany architecture
Sunny day in Italy


  1. Lovely landscapes and food!



  2. I recognize the 3rd photo! :) I bet it was a great job to do. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your photos.

    And yes, Instagram is very inspiring! :)

  3. Hard to believe they are instagram photos. Awesome. Wish I had been with you! x

  4. Love Instagram! Love how it brings like-minded people together to celebrate images of their life!
    Can't wait to see the first pics of the Wedding picknick venture!!!

  5. Simple beautiful and loved the soft tone in all the photos!