Photos of Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes for Kallo

Kallo Soya Drinks

Another long London winter is over. Although current temperatures don't get over 12℃, the sound of birds chirping and blooming trees are a strong sign that spring is here. I can't wait to finally switch from winter boots to sandals and flip-flops!

Spring is an ideal time to cleanse your body, so I thought I would share some healthy gluten-free and dairy-free recipes I was shooting recently. I was delighted to be asked to photograph some recipes for Kallo, the natural organic food company. Last year, Kallo introduced new range of Organic Soya Drinks and Stock Cubes and has teamed up with two talented ladies Grace Cheetham and Sophie Conran, who developed some delicious healthy recipes.

It was a real pleasure to cook, style and shoot their gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. Even my gluten and dairy free sceptical bf loved them and asked me to make a few recipes again. You can find some of these recipes on the Kallo Food Academy Facebook site and on the Red Online website.

Kallo Organic Stock Cubes
Kallo French Onion Soup