End of Summer and Beachy Head

Beachy Head Seashore

I know it's been a while since I last updated this place. I just can't believe how fast summer went by! I hope your summer was sunny, filled with lots of fun, love and joy.

I'm just in the middle of packing and getting ready for our holiday to Hungary tomorrow. It is our only holiday this year, and since P. and I both turned 30 last week, it's also our little birthday present. I hope things will slow down a bit after our holiday and I will be able to get back to regular blogging. Until then, here's a quick update on my sumer.

I was a very busy girl this summer but I absolutely enjoyed it. Co-organising FBC11, meeting friends and bloggers and shooting for interesting clients filled my summer days, and I loved every bit of it. Meeting Béa from La Tartine Gourmande in person was indeed on of the highlights of my summer. She was teaching food photography and styling at the Food Blogger Connect 2011. Having lots of fun and cooking together with Juls and Zizi who stayed at mine during the conference was like having a relaxing treatment and helped me to get some energy before a Prague's photo shoot. To make my bloggers-meeting summer complete, I was hosting Alessio last week, and together we finally got to meet Asha who had shortly stopped in London during her holiday in the UK.

Uhh, time is running fast and my suitcase is still not packed yet! So I leave you here with a few pictures from a trip to Beachy Head on the south coast of England. We took the trip with P's parents and his sister who came to stay with us for a week near the end of the summer. I absolutely adore this place. I hope you will enjoy the pictures. See you soon!

Beachy Head Lighthouse
Beachy Head Seashore
Beach stairs
Seashore at Beachy Head
Sea view
Cliffs and stones
Seashore at Beachy Head
White Cliffs
Beachy Head White Cliffs
White Cliff
Beachy Head
Beach stones
Sunset at Beachy Head