I have a garden!

Basil, Thyme and Chive

Finally I have a garden! And I grow my own herbs and vegetables there! Oh, I can't forget strawberries! So I also grow my own fruit! :)

Last year, P. and I moved to a new house. Just the two of us, no more housemates and sharing. That was definitely one of many advantages and benefits of our new home. We love the place! Having my own space for a studio and a huge kitchen were beyond my dreams and, on top of that, we finally have a garden. It's not a big garden but it's still a garden, and most importantly I can finally grow my own herbs and vegetables. I can't be happier.

Watching my herbs and vegetables grow from a tiny seed to the first small green leaves brings me so much pleasure. There's something very rewarding about growing your own veg. I would like to share this pleasure with you, so now I invite you to take a virtual tour of my garden.





Curry plant
Curry Plant

I believe that everyone can grow their own vegetables and herbs because it's surprisingly quite easy! I didn't grow the herbs above from seeds but bought potted herbs in a garden centre and replanted them. I tried the same with supermarket herbs but they usually died after a few weeks.

I grow all my herbs in big flower pots as I find it easier to protect them from snails and slugs. So far the best protection from slugs we have found is beer. Just pour some beer into a shallow container and place in your garden. The slugs will crawl in and drawn. Have you tried any other form of protection from slugs that works?

I grew all the following plants from seeds, except strawberries. It's so exciting how fast they grow!

Bright Lights Radishes


Tomatoes Maskotka

First "soon to be" strawberries!

There will be more of them!

Hot Orange Wonder Pepper and Cayenne Pepper

However I'm not entirely sure what's in this box on left, I think it could be rocket. I'll let you know in a few days when the tiny leaves start to resemble something. The parsley definitely need to be thinned and replanted as it looks like parsley wildwood right now!

Left: ?, Right: Parsley

Red Salad
Mixed Red Leaves Lettuce


Headed Mixed Lettuce

I really wonder if these poor things will grow into spring onions one day!

White Lisbon Winter Hardy Spring Onion
Spring White Lisbon Winter Hardy Onion

I will update you on the progress my garden makes. I can't wait to show you some pics of my first fruits!