I have a garden!

Basil, Thyme and Chive

Finally I have a garden! And I grow my own herbs and vegetables there! Oh, I can't forget strawberries! So I also grow my own fruit! :)

Last year, P. and I moved to a new house. Just the two of us, no more housemates and sharing. That was definitely one of many advantages and benefits of our new home. We love the place! Having my own space for a studio and a huge kitchen were beyond my dreams and, on top of that, we finally have a garden. It's not a big garden but it's still a garden, and most importantly I can finally grow my own herbs and vegetables. I can't be happier.

Watching my herbs and vegetables grow from a tiny seed to the first small green leaves brings me so much pleasure. There's something very rewarding about growing your own veg. I would like to share this pleasure with you, so now I invite you to take a virtual tour of my garden.





Curry plant
Curry Plant

I believe that everyone can grow their own vegetables and herbs because it's surprisingly quite easy! I didn't grow the herbs above from seeds but bought potted herbs in a garden centre and replanted them. I tried the same with supermarket herbs but they usually died after a few weeks.

I grow all my herbs in big flower pots as I find it easier to protect them from snails and slugs. So far the best protection from slugs we have found is beer. Just pour some beer into a shallow container and place in your garden. The slugs will crawl in and drawn. Have you tried any other form of protection from slugs that works?

I grew all the following plants from seeds, except strawberries. It's so exciting how fast they grow!

Bright Lights Radishes


Tomatoes Maskotka

First "soon to be" strawberries!

There will be more of them!

Hot Orange Wonder Pepper and Cayenne Pepper

However I'm not entirely sure what's in this box on left, I think it could be rocket. I'll let you know in a few days when the tiny leaves start to resemble something. The parsley definitely need to be thinned and replanted as it looks like parsley wildwood right now!

Left: ?, Right: Parsley

Red Salad
Mixed Red Leaves Lettuce


Headed Mixed Lettuce

I really wonder if these poor things will grow into spring onions one day!

White Lisbon Winter Hardy Spring Onion
Spring White Lisbon Winter Hardy Onion

I will update you on the progress my garden makes. I can't wait to show you some pics of my first fruits!


  1. Your garden looks lovely - I'm very jealous! I had a garden once, years ago, and since then I have been making do with windowsills and balconies. At the moment I'm growing supermarket herbs and an apple tree that sprouted inside an apple in my fridge.
    The problem with supermarket herbs is that they plant dozens of plants in one pot, so there are not enough nutrients for all of them. If you cut out most of the plants and only leave two or three, they seem to grow okay.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you cook with what you grow!

  2. Despite I've got my own rosemary, chive and lemon balm, I am slightly jealous, when I am wathing at pictures of yours! It looks so great and healthy. You must (!) be very patient person ;) I am waiting for inspirating recipes :))

    Greetings from Poland!

  3. Oh, these photos make me miss summer! Our garden is still entirely covered with snow :( Beautiful pictures!

  4. How exciting, your garden looks beautiful! :-)

  5. Wow, there are so many of them! Looks so sunny and yummy:) I love the look of the curry plant.

  6. YAY! I am constantly telling my readers to start their own herb garden because of the exhorbitant prices in the supermarket - especially when a recipe calls for a small amount. You have exceeded my expectations (even though I am cretain I had absolutley nothing to do with it.
    Love love love

  7. איזה יופי! קסם! בגינתי מעט צמחי תבלין והרבה עצי פרי.התמונות שלך מקסימות ואני אוהבת מאוד את הבלוג הנפלא שלך.תודה,טליה מישראל

  8. oh my..that is indeed a pretty garden you have there..i just dont have a green thumb and manage to kill even the plants that dont need any attention :(

  9. O wow, you're doing a great job in your little garden! Much better then I am I have to confess... We do have a slug and snail overload and nothing (not even beer) seems to deter them from eating my basil. I tried pots and am not sure what to do now. They're just literally everywhere... But I am impressed at all your produce! You must have green fingers!

  10. Congratulations on your pretty sizeable vegetable "patch"! I think it's smart that you're planting your vegs and herbs in pots, at our place, there's no space for us to put in a raised bed, so everything is on the ground. Lots of pest management involved. I let M take care of the slugs and snails, but we also use an organic pesticide called Sluggo and make our own "fire spray" (garlic, red pepper flakes, vegetable oil, soap, water) to repel aphids, slugs and snails as well. Have fun!!

  11. I loved looking at your pots as I have a similar love affair with my own collection of herbs and vegetables. As yours are just coming into their peak, mine are wilting and dying as the summer temperatures and humidity get too much. Pest management can be a trial (all my basil and my little cucumber plants were munched away this year - not to mention the birds targetting our tomatoes). I'm going to try a homemade spray (as per last comment) next year. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics.

  12. Oh you have a very nice garden...next time will surely make a visit to yr garden...

  13. Sari, your garden looks stunning!!! I wish I could have a garden too. I only have a tiny balcony and I did gardening 2 days ago. I grew from seeds: tomato, oregano, thyme, coriander. Hopefully they will grow!

    Looking forward to reading your garden updates! :)

  14. I've been there, and I can see small leaves growing fast! Can't wait to taste that tomatoes in august! :)

  15. Beautiful post! What a lovely garden you have created :):)
    I'm longing to have my own little garden one day, too! For now, I'm growing herbs on my kitchen window sill (always from seed) and I think there's nothing like picking a couple of aromatic leaves and decorate the plate with them just before serving... or making your very own pesto genovese in summer when basil grows like crazy!
    Sari, I'm wishing you a lot of joy with your lovely garden!
    As for the snail problem, picking them regularly (early morning, specially after rain) has proven to be the best solution for reducing their number :) Beer isn't a bad idea, either.

  16. Wow, thank you for the comments everyone! I'm so excited about my little garden and it's amazing to see all the positive reactions! Also thank you for the slugs/snails tips, I'm gonna try it.

    @Skye- really, an apple tree sprouting inside an apple? I've never heard anything like that. You must have green fingers! :D

    @Praline - Hi to Poland! You are doing great, any plants count! :) We are two here to take care of the garden which really helps!

    @Virva - I can't believe you still have snow! It's really gorgeous spring (almost summer) weather here! You should come to London to catch some sunshine and it's supposedly warmer in the UK than in some Mediterranean countries at the moment!!!

    @MissT - Thank you! I'm glad you like my garden. I absolutely agree with you that everyone should start their own garden even it's just on a balcony or windowsills.

    @An Open Book - Hi Nisha, hehe this sounds so familiar. I used to be able to kill even a cactus! It was my bf who taught me to take care of plants and it's so rewarding!

    @Junglefrog - Hi Simone! I know slugs are a big and irritating problem in gardens. I hate when they eat my precious herbs! :) You can try some eco-friendly slug killer if nothing else help.

    @Danielle - I see you are an experienced "pest manager"! :) We tried soap water to kill aphids and it works great!

    @Sally - Isn't it lovely to grow and use your own herbs? I love picking just a few leaves of fresh basil or thyme when I need them. I think hot summer won't be an issue in the UK, quite the opposite! :)

    @Debugcooking - we can cook using my herbs and veg in August! :)

    @Zita - that's fantastic that you do gardening on your balcony! Any place to put a few pots is great! Have fun and good luck with your mini balcony garden!

    @Juls - can't wait to share my tomatoes with you in August! :)

    @Maya - I know what you mean, I love using my own herbs whenever I need them. Thank you for your nice words!
    Btw. we picked about 100 snails and carried them away to a nearby park when we were preparing the garden! We've got rid of the most of snails but we still have quite many slugs there.

  17. You have a beautiful garden. I've been dabbling with container gardening the past couple of years, but have never had any luck growing fresh herbs like the ones you have here. Your post makes me want to try again. I liked your tip of buying them already started from a garden center rather than growing from seed. Thanks for sharing!

  18. The garden looks great! I have just done the same thing but on the opposite side of the world - NZ so have planted leeks, brocolli, carrots, beetroots and are few salad greens. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing how it works out!

  19. I am SO jealous - here there are last traces of snow on the ground... Today we had a little young chives, and the rhubarb is poking its head out, but it will be a while before we can plant anything. Enjoy your garden!

  20. beautiful pictures.
    I dont' have a yard to transform into a graden, but a few spice plants (rosemary, basil) can go a long way to great food

  21. Go you with this beautiful garden! How nice to walk outside and have all your own goodies :)

  22. It looks great! I wish I would have a garden!