Tsukiji Fish Market

I'm finally back in London after an amazing week in Prague and try to catch up on many things. I'm really excited about today's post. Busy few days gave me an ideal opportunity to introduce a first guest blogger on my blog. I already did a guest blog post but I've never had a guest blogger here on Cook Your Dream yet. So, without other ado, let me introduce Melina Hammer. Melina is a wonderful photographer, who specialises in food and still life photography. I got to know her through Flickr where I admired her gorgeous food photos. She recently started her own blog Licking the Plate. I'm honoured to share her photos from one of countries which is high on my list of places I want to visit soon. So now, join me on a visual journey through Tsukiji Market.

wm-dried fish

I took a trip to Japan a few years ago and experienced a whirlwind of amazing sights and flavors. The famed Tsukiji Market was high on my list, and my initial adventure exploring its aisles made a lasting impression. I returned last month from another voyage to Japan, and wanted to share with you Tsukiji again. It will always be an enigma with its bustling foot trucks, noisy banter, and the viscera of fish and sea creatures everywhere. I am humbled, meandering the wet lanes lined with infinite stalls. These photographs are meant to share my wonder and my bewiderment, documenting the routine activities of these men and the unusual, beautiful fish who give their lives to them.

wm-fish flakes scales


wm-cutting clams

wm--red clams2

wm-big eyes

wm-ladder smile



wm-red clams

wm-fish cart

wm-dragging bucket


Thank you Melina, for sharing your amazing photos from Tsukiji Market.


  1. Thanks for sharing! What a great place.



  2. O that looks so absolutely fantastic! And the even better news is that I will be seeing this same market with my own eyes in just a few weeks time! So thanks for sharing this! I am assuming this is the market in Tokyo right?

  3. Tsukiji Fish Market is a great place to visit... but quite difficult to make good photos (bad light). Melina's photos are fantastic! Thank you...

  4. thanks for having a look, ladies!

    dominique, you are right it is quite tricky to light well for a good picture there - it is too commonly dark, etc. i appreciate your kind words!

    hi simone!! it really has been ages :)this is the one and only in tokyo - i cannot wait to hear about your experience. let me know!

    rosa, anytime. i'm so happy you enjoyed this story. have a great day :)

  5. The pictures are amazing!!!! Beautiful this place looks so interesting!

  6. The smiling fisherman....priceless.. I love shooting still life (and some that wiggles too)... thanks for the introduction to this talented photographer.

  7. Amazing photos!! Very like your place - looks so interesting.
    I like very much that kind of market - real life, smells, tastes, colors... GREAT!
    Have a nice day!


  8. Great place and great pictures ... you know how to capture precious moments ...

  9. Thank you all for stopping here. I'm glad you liked Melina's photos. I'm truly honoured to introduce this talented photographer as my first guest blogger.

    Thank you Melina for your comments!

  10. And thank you, Sarka! I am honored to share this work with your readers, and so happy you all love the series. I'd submit to those cold and numb feet again, to experience the sounds, sights, and smells all over... :)

  11. First. Sari, I just found your blog through Sprouted Kitchen, and my... your photos and stories are fabulous! Second. Melina, thank you for sharing these amazing shots of the Tsukiji Fish Market. I was in Tokyo and in November and waited in line at 2 am to see the auctions! It was mind blowing. Thank you for bringing back a host of happy memories for me :)