Artificial Light Food Photography and Fruit Splash

I've been wanting to share the story and pictures from a traditional pig-slaugtering feast that I mentioned in my last post for a while. I thought I would post it today. However, I was doing something else again. Actually this week, I've been learning how to use artificial light for food photography as short and gloomy London days have arrived, and I will have to wait yet another couple of months before this will change. So tonight I was playing around with an external flash to try some new lighting techniques. Here is the result. But don't worry the pig-slaughtering post is coming soon! And I promise no blood and gore!

Lemon Splash

Lemon Splash Process

View it large on black, it looks much better!

Berry Splash

Champagne pour



If you are wondering how did I do that, here's the setup. And yes, I had to mop the floor after I finished! :)

Strobist info: SB-800 on right side at 1/32 power, F5.6-9, 1/2s, ISO 200


  1. Sari, these pictures are just dream!! Put them on a calendar for next year pls The world would be grateful!

    Love the dripping along the pink-champagne flute!
    Next time you may try splattering a tomato on the counter, who knows eheh ;)

  2. wow - this is amazing! I love the series of the lemon dropping into the glass!

  3. Beautiful pictures Sari! You are very talented!!!

  4. amazing pics...ive been trying to get hold of a light diffuser..can you tell me where you picked it up from? i dont want anything exorbitantly expensive

  5. Moc pěkný pokus Šári, jen tak dál

  6. Incredible! You imagination and vision never ceases to amaze me. The shot with the blackberry is breath-taking.

  7. Great job. I'm stunned that you were able to pull it off with one speedlight. Thank god for the SB-800! (The poor hardwood floors though :>()

  8. As I have already said on FB, you've got a (super)natural talent, and you must belive it, because the world needs your talent, and so do I!!

  9. I adore these pictures and am inspired. They make drinking water look fun!

  10. Wow. Sarka, these are amazing! I love to be able to follow your passion for photography here on your blog. These shots really stopped me and I can't stop looking at them!

  11. Uff!what great shots!thanks for teh tutorial!it was simply great....iam a new subsciber to ur blog and i am enjoying every bit of it!

  12. Oh my gosh! That's amazing! I've been tryingto figure out how to get a good picture now that the gloomy days are upon us - and will be for some time. We must chat at the food bloggers potluck! Love your site by the way!

  13. Great stuff what you've done with these! I need to get my strobes and start practicing!

  14. These photos are fantastic Sari! You are doing so great!

  15. Thank you very much everyone for the comments! I had so much fun taking these pictures and I'm glad you liked them.

    @Alessio - hehe, your comments always make me laugh! :D

    @An Open Book - I got this one as a present, so I'm not sure where is it from. But you can get quite cheap one on Amazon: or I recently bought some photography stuff here:

    @El - I'd definitely got better results with two speedlights, but I only have one! :) Reflector on left side did quite good job though. (no worries, I didn't let the wood floor soak up the water!)

    @Juls - And the world definitely need your positive attitude! Thank you my dear! :)

    @Tiina - you are too kind! Thank you!

    @Shabs.. - welcome here and thank you for stopping by! I'm really glad you like the blog!! I have to try some of your recipes. I especially like the rosemary focaccia and tuna fish cutlets.

    @Karen Wise - thank you for stopping by, I feel really honoured! I love your photography!

    @Made With Pink - thank you! Look forward to meeting you!

    @Peter G - thanks, can't wait to see the result!

  16. Sari! Everyone says "natural light" is the only way to go - while it's great to have natural light - we aren't all priveledged enough to always have it... your pics just prove that artificial lights are just as good.