Just a Quick Hi


Ugh! I've had a lot on my plate recently. The past two weeks were complete mayhem moving house, shooting for a couple of clients at the same time, taking a trip to Amsterdam, and all of that with no internet connection! But luckily miracles do happen! After a morning call from O2, informing us that our internet connection will not be back in less than a week, our broadband just started working this afternoon. What a relief! My life instantly became 100% easier.

I know I've been silent for a while, but I was cooking and shooting a lot during the last two weeks. I also had the pleasure of having someone cooking for me! Alessio from Recipe Taster stayed with us in our new house for a couple of days and was so kind to cook for us while I was busy shooting for a customer. He's a fantastic chef and we loved everything he cooked. These delicious fried whitebait with orange and tomato was just one of many fantastic dishes Alessio cooked for us. Check his amazing recipes on his blog!


Fried Whitebaits

I'm going to Prague to visit our friends and family, but I will soon share some pictures from our trip to Amsterdam! See you soon here!