Second Year and New Blog Changes

Starting the second year of my blog I decided to make more changes here. After nearly one year of discovering the world of photography I found myself enjoying more than just taking pictures of food. I learned to see things differently and realised there is so much beauty around us. I really love to shoot just about everything - my beloved ones, favourite dishes, beautiful nature or favourite places and moments.

So far I have only been posting pictures of food accompanied by recipes. I want to keep sharing my favourite recipes, however I'm not always able to shoot recipes for my blog on a regular basis. And to be completely honest I don't feel like writing a recipe for my blog every week. I enjoy taking pictures so much more than writing. As I have been photographing everything around me lately, I have many pictures I would love to share with you which are not always food related.

I have been thinking about making a few changes to the style of this blog for a while, but I wasn't sure if you, my readers would like it. Then I thought, if I don't enjoy what I do, poor quality of my work will follow and in the end, neither me nor you will be happy. So I finally made a decision. After all Cook Your Dream is my "food and photography passion". Hence from now on, I will include more photo posts where writing or recipe will not necessarily be a part of the post. I hope you will join me on the new journey and will enjoy more photos and new different posts.

To start a new era of this blog, I will invite you to my favourite coffee and cake shop Le Chandelier in East Dulwich. They make a delicious cream tea and it's a perfect place to relax and enjoy your cup of tea.

Now, let me introduce the winner of my first giveaway. There were 31 entries and the number that was randomly selected using was:

Congrats Juls, your prize - one bag of Linwoods Milled Flaxseeds, Cocoa & Berries will be with you shortly!