Food Blogger Connect 2010

Better late than never! I was telling this myself, when I was contemplating whether I should write a blog post about Food Blogger Connect 2010 which was held in London two weeks ago. Is it too late already? Will anybody be interested in reading about a two-week old event? The main wave of emotions after that amazing weekend has already melted away and most of us have returned to our normal life. But here I am, with my heart still full of memories and my hard drive full of photos of my old and new friends. I want to share those with you.

Jeanne, Kerrin and Jamie

My blog had been only 3 months old when I attended Food Blogger Connect 2009 last year. I felt like Alice in Wonderland as the blogosphere was absolutely new and unexplored area for me, and I met so many wonderful like-minded people there. This year was going to be different. My blog is 10 months old (still pretty young) and I feel like a member of the fabulous food blogosphere. I was excited to see my old friends I got to know last year again and finally meet authors of some new blogs I discovered during the year.

Dissect your camera by Hilda

Jeanne, Jamie and Kerrin, Writing Style & Voice

One thing was completely new this year. I decided to donate my couch to three out-of-town bloggers. I know that London is not the cheapest city in Europe, and as a food blogger and passionate food photographer collecting props all the time, I can imagine thousands things that I would love to spend my money on rather than an expensive hotel. It felt a bit weird though. I met Pam of The Cooking Ninja last year, although we didn't have a chance to chat properly, but I have never met Tiina of Sparkling Ink and Juls of Juls' Kitchen before. "How will we all get along with each other?", was the first question that came to my mind.

Boy, we had a blast getting to know each other, having brainstorming sessions, exploring London together and shopping for props (I love Anthropologie)! Sight! I wish this weekend was not over yet! Luckily Pam stayed for a few more days with us and was so generous to cook for P. and me some of her delicious recipes. I particularly loved her Curry coconut prawns and Assam fish.

Even food bloggers eat chips! :)

So what else has this conference brought to me? A lot. A bit of everything. New friendships and blogs, good laugh, good food, lack of sleep, excitement and disappointment and my head full of new ideas and projects. Stay tuned to see some of upcoming changes to this blog!

Jamie, Julia, Kerrin, Cecila and Katharine

Brilliant cameraman Chris

Mowie and Mayssam

I don't know if it's just me but I often get disappointed when I'm really looking forward to something too much. A few last minute changes in the conference programme reduced a bubble of excitement growing inside me every day closer to the event. I was particularly very sad that Béatrice of La Tartine Gourmande was unable to speak at the event. Her photography and food styling have been an inspiration to me since I started my blog, and I was super excited at the though of learning from her.
This year's program also promised photography hands-on session. I couldn't wait for my first photography workshop as I'm all self-taught photographer. Sadly, there was no photography workshop. Having photography as a major interest, these changes made the conference less interesting for me.

Juls with her beloved cake

Italian sun in London - Jasmine and Manuel

Matina, Sharon and Suzannah

Tiina and Juls

Nando entertaining ladies

Chilling Hilda and Beth

But look at all those smiling faces. That's what made this conference so special and unforgettable. There were many speakers sharing their knowledge and information. Jaden from Steamy Kitchen kicked off the conference on Friday with a live video session talking about "Monetizing your blog". Her enthusiasm is highly contagious.
The Saturday program started with the talk about copyright and effective recipe writing by Jeanne of Cook Sister! followed by Hilda of Saffron and Blueberry with the talk "Dissect my camera, please!". Jamie of Life's a feast, Kerrin of My kugelhopf and Jeanne talked about writing style and how to find your voice. Saturday talks were finished by Mowie of Mowielicious and Meeta of What's for lunch, Honey? who shared their secrets for shooting food porn.

Juls shooting food porn

Sarah shooting food porn

Mowie and The Spice Girls

Juls and Pam

My fab weekend flatmates & me

Beth enjoying delicious chocolate from Julia

Lovely Julia with her amazing chocolate!

Aren't they cute? Mowie & Beth

Mowie & Kerrin

Absolutely best for me were the Sunday talks. Luisa Weiss of The Wednesday Chef had a car accident and couldn't attend the conference, but Kerrin and Julia of A Slice of Cherry Pie mastered their talk "How to get published & and get feature work". I couldn't take my eyes off amazingly energetic Kerrin sharing passionately her experience with approaching editors and giving advice on getting published in a magazine. Kerrin had all the qualities a good speaker should possess, she was friendly, open, funny, entertaining and passionate. Julia was as well as Kerrin very open, friendly and generous in sharing advice on publishing a cookbook.

Niall Harbison of Simply Zesty talking about marketing and social media was the cherry on top of the cake. Create personality behind your blog, treat your blog seriously and find your niche, were some of his advice.

Fab Sunday speakers Kerrin and Julia

Adorable Julia

It was difficult to choose! :) Prop swap & Ann.

We had a blast

Always smiling Ann

Nando being interviewed by Chris

As I said earlier here, this conference gave me a bit of everything, good and bad. But most importantly it gave me new friends and new motivation to follow my passion and my dream!

I want to thank to Beth of Dirty Kitchen Secrets for organizing the second year of the Food Blogger Connect conference! If you want to see who was there this year, check the list at the end of this post for all the attendees and their blogs. (Thank you Juls for putting this list together!)

Sunday dinner with my girls

More than generous presents from my lovely guests Pam, Tiina and Juls! Thank you girls!



  1. Not too late! I'm soaking up every bit I can - I was so disappointed not to be able to attend but I was singing at a friend's wedding. Great post, thank you ^_^

  2. great to re-live this again. a lovely post. shame that you found the photography sessions less interesting - mowie & i tried our best to make up for the changes. the feedback we got was mostly great though. having a hands-on session with 60+ people would not have been feasible in this case and format. it was great talking to a little more intensively at the event.

  3. I have already said everything in our chats, emails and talks in London...
    I'm so happy you decided to host us, it was incredible!!
    Now I have sweet memories, new tips to use but mostly grat new friends!!

  4. Great write up Sari! Thanks again for coming for your help in the organizing! Lots to talk about soon. xx

  5. Lovely post..and the pictures are so lovely...

  6. Aww, as I told you the other day, I LOVE these pics! You have a great eye for portraiture. A lovely write-up of an action-packed conference!

  7. You're dead right I still want to read about this and see your wonderful pictures! A brilliant round up and you've captured some great moments not seen elsewhere.

    Hope to see you again soon!

  8. Oh better late than never, dear Sari! I love your fabulous photos and love reliving this amazing, fun and friend-filled weekend again and again. In fact, people should take a cue from you and we should have all staggered our posts out over several weeks so we can enjoy it again and again! xoxo

  9. Great write up Sari and pics. It seems like only yesterday x

  10. What a wonderful recap of the weekend with gorgeous photographs (as always on your blog)! Some of the best photographs of the whole weekend I've seen anywhere! It was so much fun to hang out with you girls - I'm so happy you invited us to stay in your lovely home! Great memories, great friendship! xoxo

  11. When I first saw that Béa was going to be one of the speakers, I thought I had to be there. Finally I couldn't make it. I know, next year I will!

    Béa and Aran... their photograpy and food styling were my first inspiration in food blogging!!! And you and Meeta came and the others. You are my inspiration too, I can learn so much from you! Thank you for sharing your 'Food Blogger Connect' story with us.

  12. Thank you everybody for the lovely feedback! I'm glad you enjoy my post even so late after the conference! :)

    @Meeta - Thank you Meeta. I think you did a good job and that most people have learned a lot. I just think that a follow up hand-on session would have brought lots of what you talked about to life.

    @Juls - my sweet Giulia, I'm so happy I had the pleasure of getting to know you and that you became my friend! Hope to see you soon again!

    @Bethany - Thank you Beth. It was my pleasure!

    @Jeanne - Thank you Jeanne for the nice compliment! :)

    @Sarah - Oh, so glad you liked my post and that it brought something new as well! Hope to see you soon too!

    @Jamie - Thank you Jamie so much for your lovely comment, you so kind my dear! It was a pleasure seeing you again!

    @Heather - Thank you Heather! It was great to meet you there!

    @Tiina - I'm so happy you decided to stay with us and helped to make the weekend so special!

    @Zizi - Let's hope that Béa will be able to speak next year at the conference!

  13. I'm interested! I think it's fascinating and exciting. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to IFBC in August and, frankly, I'm a bit nervous. I feel like I might be the lonely school girl. I hope not!

  14. Gorgeous photos, I love the colours. :) We must meet up soon!

  15. How great! looks like an awesome time!

  16. I hope next time to be seems a wonderful experience to live, very special...great pics of it...

  17. Fab post and beautiful photos - not too late - just in time to keep that feel good feeling going a little longer!

  18. @redmenace - Oh, you are going to IFBC? Just imagine how many like-minded people will be there! I'm sure you will love it and enjoy it a lot! And you definitely won't be the lonely school girl! :)

    @Su-yin - Yes yes yes, I'd love to meet! Soon! :)

    @Jessica - Thanks Jessica, it definitely was an awesome time! :)

    @Mika - thank you Mika, I hope I'll see you there next year!

    @Reena - Thank you Reena! It was great to meet you at FBC!

  19. helloooo sari !

    here i am, bopping around on your blog, admiring your photography as usual - and just discovering this post of yours sbout fbc !! meeta had said above in late june that it was such a pleasure to relive this event, and here i am doing the same, in late august ! i am beyond thrilled to see your wonderful words here. thank you so much, i really appreciate it. and what a blast that weekend was !

    oh, and guess what else i noticed, i have the same design spoons as your butter knife in your cherry frozen yogurt post, with the pink flowers on it. got them in brighton on my trip to london ! ;) look at the last pic here: