Let's meet at Food Blogger Connect 2010

Have you heard the wonderful news? No? Then read on!

It's Food Blogger Connect time again and this year it's going to be a really phenomenal weekend! Two and half days jam-packed with food, fun, roundtables and hands-on workshops, networking, awards and some really cool prizes.

Food Blogger Connect 2010 will take place on June 4th, 5th & 6th in London. You don't want to miss it!

Click here and you'll discover who will be speaking, the gorgeous venues, the itinerary and other relevant information. You will notice that the cost has gone up from last year as you will also notice there is so much more on offer! Dinner, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, BBQ, blind folded wine tasting, cocktails and brunch are all offered before, after and in between the information-packed workshops and roundtables. There will be prop swaps, awards and many prizes like cupcake decorating classes from Bea's of Bloomsbury worth over £100 each! And if you thought last year's goodie bags were outa-this-world, then baby you've seen nothing yet!

Spreading FBC out over Friday, Saturday and Sunday allows you all the chance to actively participate in ways we couldn't last year - not only hands-on workshops, but Q & A during and after each discussion. We will all have loads of time over the three days to meet, get to know each other, exchange, share, network. For everyone's convenience we have been able to break down the event into three days so you can attend what and when you like - just one day or two or the whole weekend

For some of you who attended last year's event, you'll know first hand how, even in one short day, we all learned so much and how much fun we had meeting and getting to know each other. Now just think of that but times three! You don't need to look twice at the itinerary to know that you are going to come out more prepared and inspired than ever to turn your blog into an even bigger success, whatever your vision!

You'll need to hurry as registration is open and tickets are selling fast! Space is limited (we want to keep it intimate) so make that decision quick! Got a question? Drop us a line on the FBC blog or email info@foodbloggerconnect.com.

If you are still not sure whether you want to be there, check this wonderful video!

I hope too see you there!