Enjoy Lychee Panna Cotta during a snowy winter

Hello and welcome! I'm back. I spent wonderful three weeks in Prague with my family and friends. I really looked forward to be back home though. I sometimes tell myself I'm too old for this. Ha ha, I know what you are thinking now. But three weeks of a "nomadic life" are quite tiring. I was dreaming about my own bed.
Luckily the weather was merciful to us once again and we arrived on time to London. Which was kind of a reward for a canceled flight and 10 hours delay on the way to Prague before Christmas.

I'm not a fun of New Year's resolutions. I don't think that just the fact that a new year starts will bring me more strength or will. So I don't make New Year's resolution. Full stop! However I promised myself (unofficially, psst!) I would try to become more organised in 2010. And my main aim is of course to improve my food styling and photography. So much for the New Year's resolutions. Do you make any? :)

Prague is a wonderful and beautiful city but I can say I missed London. So at the weekend P and I decided to go for a walk to say hello to London. We had been really amazed right after our arrival by the quantity of snow in London. It looked like a winter wonderland everywhere.

We headed for Greenwich. I love the Greenwich park. And it looked even prettier covered in white snow. I did not have many opportunities to take pictures in Prague so I had to take my camera with me to satisfy my photography desire. Lucky me! Snowy Greenwich was very photogenic!

As we reached the Royal Observatory a very amusing scenery revealed in front of us. People of all ages took advantage of a snow covered hill to slide down on all kinds of sledges, plastic bags or even surfboards. I was tempted to slide down myself! ;)

Then it started to snow again and it was time to go home. I had a craving for something sweet. We stopped by the market on our way home and bought about 1kg of lychees. I have been wanting to make a panna cotta for a while. I was thinking, why not to combine both. It was a very good idea. Scrumptious! White like a snow with an exotic taste of lychee and coconut. Yummy. I might just substitute a coconut milk for more double cream and a yogurt next time as P. didn't like the coconut taste that much. I did like it as it was!

While sitting calmly and enjoying the lychee panna cotta I was thinking about last days in Prague. We had been very busy, though not that much as our best friends who had welcomed their first son just 2 days before the New Year! We visited a little O. in a hospital just one day after he had been born. I can say the baby was best Christmas present for our friends. We shared their joy and happiness. Beautiful moments indeed. I want to wish all the best to a little O. and his parents!

Lychee Panna Cotta
Serves 4

285ml double cream
215ml coconut milk
50g sugar
1tsp fresh ginger, peeled and grated
200g fresh lychees, pureed
1tsp vanilla extract
4 leaves of gelatine

8 fresh lychees, to serve
4 fresh strawberries, to serve (optional)
pistachios nuts, to server (optional)

1. Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water to soften (about 10 minutes).

2. In a saucepan heat the double cream, coconut milk, sugar, vanilla and ginger. Leave to simmer for about 10 minutes but do not really boil.

3. Take the cream mixture of the heat and add the pureed lychees. Add the gelatine leaves and stir until dissolved.

4. Leave the cream to cool and pour into prepared cups.

5. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

6. To server panna cotta place the cup in hot water for a while and then put it on plate. Garnish with fresh lychees, strawberry and pistachios.


  1. Beautiful pics! And what a delicious dessert! Love that baby pic!

  2. Great photos, your panna cotta look like little snowmen. I especially like the sledging pictures.

  3. Lovely! I've been waiting for a new post by you for some time now and it was well worth the wait. Gorgeous photos and such a brilliant idea adding lychees to panna cotta - sounds and looks divine.

  4. your photos are beautiful- what a winterwonderland. i love what you have written about the New Year and resolutions, i dont believe in it either! perhaps there is smthg wrong with me, but New Year's Eve is not my favourite night of the year, doesnt hold too much significance with me. i enjoy it as much as any other night i spend with my nearest and dearest. lychees are one of my favourite fruits- the window for lychees is a short one in pakistan- may-june, so whenever we would go home for the summer hols, we would have missed it. my grandmother would freeze them for my mother and i would steal a few, too. your photos are absolutely stunning. a lovely idea to infuse a panna cotta with a summer fruit. we need that in these cold winter months. x best wishes, shayma

  5. Stunnin, stunning, stunning photos. I love pannacotta. I usually make one with yoghurt....but haven't done so in years. They are about the easiest desserts to make, methinks!

  6. Hi Sari, it's my first time here. You are such a talented photographer. Everything you have here is so wonderful.

    Lychee is one of my favorite exotic fruit. Never thought of using it for panna cota, but I am sure it taste delicious.

    may I ask? Where did you buy the clear plastic spoon? it's so neat!

  7. Pam - thank you! The little one was very cute! ;)

    Sarah - Thanks, I really enjoyed watching people having fun with snow!

    Mowie - I know, I haven't been really diligent these days. But I work on shortening time between new posts. I promise! More cooking and photographing in 2010! :)

    Shayma - Thank you so much for your nice comment! I agree that the New Year's Eve night is the same as all other nights when you spend them with your loved ones. Lucky you that your grandma freezes lychees for you (eh, for your mother) :)

    Oz - Thank you! I want to try to use yogurt next time too.

    Elra - Thank you for your warm and nice comment! I really appreciate it. The spoon is from Guzzini and I found it here: http://www.onthetable.co.uk/product.php?sproductID=1203&product=Guzzini_Acrylic_Teaspoons

  8. Welcome back!! Isn't all that snow wonderful? I mean; we haven't had that much snow since forever almost!! It's been a month now. A month where we have a white Holland... Nice for a change I think!
    I love your pannacotta! I have made quite some pannacotta's as I love them but I have yet to try it with coconut milk! Will do that soon!

  9. What gorgeous snow pictures!

    That panna cotta must taste heavenly! I love lychees!



  10. Your pictures are absolutely STUNNING, and a treat to the yes! Just gorgeous Sarka. That panna cotta is also very different & very special...

  11. Beautiful pics! And Greenwich park surely looks different from the time I visited it last June :D
    The lychee dessert sounds delicious, I'll surely try it.
    All these yummy recipes make me wonder what an earth shall I prepare for you when you come over next month, oh no...

  12. What a beautiful post - such glorious photos! Your choice of Greenwich Park makes me wonder if you are out east? It's my closest Royal Park too - and that hill is just MADE for sledding!

    I am also not a huge one for new year's resolutions but I've also decided to try and pay a little more attention to food styling this year, rahter than my usual modus operandi which is: cook dinner. Plate food, quietly so husband does not rush in and grab his plate before I've taken a pic. Photograph food under kitchen lights while dancing around to try & get own shadow out of picture. Eat. Spend 2 hours in Photoshop trying to clean up dodgy image!!

  13. just loving the photos in the post sari! lovely. i made a lychee ice-cream a while back and really should post it to compliment your post here!! lovely to have you back!

  14. looovving it - what timing too - I have tonnes of fresh lychee at home :) Will give this one a try

  15. I really love your photos, they're simple and beautiful. Look forward to more of your posts this year! And lychee panna cotta sounds just wonderful.

  16. As you know, I love yours photos, their colors, the softness, the lighting...
    I like also the idea of coconut with lychees, so exotic, I have to try it!
    Thanks for the mood of this post :-)

  17. Welcome back! That must have been nice to visit in Prague. Superbe photos!

  18. Simone - I love Britain under snow. Not good for travelling though, as the UK can't cope with snow! :)

    Rosa -thanks

    Deeba- thank you, so sweet of you!

    Virva - don't worry, you cook much better than me! And I love scandinavian food. You will cook and I will take pictures! ;)

    Jeanne - Thank you, glad you liked my photos. I actually live south-east but it only takes about 40 mins walk to Greenwich park. I started to cook for 3 (P., me and my camera). It's the only way I can take a picture of what I cook :)

    Meeta - Thanks dear. Your inspired me to make an ice-cream. One is just in the freezer! :)

    Komal-Nishka - you should try it if you like lychee.

    Chocolate Shavings - thank you. I visited your blog and your photos are beautiful.

    dada - thank you for stopping by here. I like your photos too! :)

    Helene - Thank you. Yes it was very nice, I love Prague at Christmas.

  19. How lovely to visit Prague. I've always wanted to go take a trip there. The buildings are all so old and beautiful. But then you got to come home to London where everything is well...old and beautiful. Lucky you. This dessert looks wonderful. I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy it with the snow!

  20. this looks soooo yummy!!! i love panna cotta and have tried every single recipe out there... will take note of yours because never seen one with lychees... thanks!

  21. Beautiful!!! Your photos says it all-Love it.
    Your panna cotta dessert looks absolutely delightful.

  22. Beautiful pictures. It's one of my goals this year to learn more about photography. Tha panna cotta looks absolutely delicious...YUM. Thanks for sharing.

  23. This is such a nice recipe. My neighbor has two lychee trees in her yard. One produces red like the ones you used and other tree's fruit looks more yellowish pink, so I have to bookmark this. Her tree only fruits in the summer though, so I'm wondering where these fruits are from???

  24. What a beautiful dessert! Looks like you had fun. Gorgeous photos!

  25. hi, I'm new in your Blog.. but it's very , very, loooovely! ...and now I'm looking at it every day. Thanks for your photos and recipes!!
    Can you tell me how much 4 leaves of gelatine weitghr ?
    Sabrina, from Italy

  26. @El - I love Prague and I also like London. You are right about the architecture, that's what makes both cities so lovely.

    @Elie's Papel - I like to experiment so this looked like a good opportunity :)

    @Velva - Thank you. So glad you like it.

    @MaryMoh - Thank you for visiting. I like your photographs and your recipes are mouthwatering! :)

    @Cam de la Ron - Oh, I'd love to have my own lychee tree! You are so lucky if your neighbour share their lychees! ;) I'm quite curious where they were from too! I had no idea. But they are always mostly available during winter months here.

    @Cherie - Thank you.

    @ Sabrina - Hi Sabrina. Sorry for the long silence! I weighted 4 leaves of gelatine and it gave 6g. Hope it helps. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you like it.

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  28. i am going to try this, but how much does your gelatine leafs weigh?

    1. They don't dive weight on the package. I would recommend to follow instructions on your gelatine package. They usually say how much gelatine in grams or how many leaves you need to use to set certain amount of liquid.